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  • Home Plus - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Home Plus

    Location & Type: Freight elevator 4T-3UP-5S, 2 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Ham Yang-Gun Health Center - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Ham Yang-Gun Health Center

    Location & Type: P15-CO60-3S, 1 Set

    Year: 2014

  • Korea Lift College - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Korea Lift College

    Location & Type: P9-CO60-4S, 4 SET / MRLP9-CO60-3S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Cheong Wang Middle School - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Cheong Wang Middle School

    Location & Type: MRLP17-CO60-5S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Incheon Jeil High School - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Incheon Jeil High School

    Location & Type: P15-CO60-5S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Seongseo Silver welfare center - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Seongseo Silver welfare center

    Location & Type: Passenger 15P(1000kg)-CO60-4F/4S, 2SET

    Year: 2014

  • Busan Gang Seo Bright Center - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Busan Gang Seo Bright Center

    Location & Type: MRLP17-CO60-5S, 3 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Seoul National University Dental Hospital - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Seoul National University Dental Hospital

    Location & Type: P20-CO90-7S, 2대

    Year: 2014

  • Dong Jak Distric Library - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Dong Jak Distric Library

    Location & Type: P15-CO60-3S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • National Academy of Aricultural Science - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: National Academy of Aricultural Science

    Location & Type: Freight elevator - 1Ton Hydrulic type, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Gwangju Immigration Office - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Gwangju Immigration Office

    Location & Type: P17-CO60-3S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Ho Nam Rapid-transit railway (Byulnae station) - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Ho Nam Rapid-transit railway (Byulnae station)

    Location & Type: MRLP15-CO60-2S, 1 SET

    Year: 2014

  • Thailand  - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Thailand

    Location & Type: Thailand Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Brazil - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Brazil

    Location & Type: Brazil Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Mongolia - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Mongolia

    Location & Type: Mongolia Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • China - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: China

    Location & Type: China Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Iraq - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Iraq

    Location & Type: Iraq Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Bangladesh  - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Bangladesh

    Location & Type: Bangladesh Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Egypt  - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Egypt

    Location & Type: Egypt Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • UAE  - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: UAE

    Location & Type: UAE Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

  • Saudi Arabia  - Star Lift Inc.

    Client: Saudi Arabia

    Location & Type: Saudi Overseas Projects

    Year: 2014

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  • Affiliated Certificate - Star Lift Inc.

    Affiliated Certificate

  • Business Registration - Star Lift Inc.

    Business Registration

  • K mark certificate - Star Lift Inc.

    K mark certificate

  • Certificate Of Utility Model Registration - Star Lift Inc.

    Certificate Of Utility Model Registration

  • Construction Registration - Star Lift Inc.

    Construction Registration

  • Factory Registration - Star Lift Inc.

    Factory Registration

  • Safety Certificate (EST-H) - Star Lift Inc.

    Safety Certificate (EST-H)

  • Design Registration - Star Lift Inc.

    Design Registration

  • Patent-Multi unit elevator door - Star Lift Inc.

    Patent-Multi unit elevator door

  • ISO14001 - Star Lift Inc.


  • Certifacte of Direct Production (Front) - Star Lift Inc.

    Certifacte of Direct Production (Front)

  • Registration of Elevator Manufacturing - Star Lift Inc.

    Registration of Elevator Manufacturing

  • Women entrepreneurs confirmation - Star Lift Inc.

    Women entrepreneurs confirmation

  • Award-Small & Medium Business Administration - Star Lift Inc.

    Award-Small & Medium Business Administration

  • Innovative small and medium Business - Star Lift Inc.

    Innovative small and medium Business

  • Membership for Korea international trade association - Star Lift Inc.

    Membership for Korea international trade association

  • Certificate of Special inclination lift for the disabled person - Star Lift Inc.

    Certificate of Special inclination lift for the disabled person

  • Excellent Small & Medium Company from job seekers - Star Lift Inc.

    Excellent Small & Medium Company from job seekers

Star Lift Inc. - About Us

CEO's Greeting

How are you?

STAR LIFT INC. has grown to a small & medium company recognized in Korea throught development of door system and new technologies, eing engaged in elevator industry, based on elevator door devices, since its establishment in 2007. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the customers, who has cared about and has supported us invariably, for such a long time.

Refelectiong on the past, we think the path that STAR LIFT INC. has walked through has been "Challenge" Itself. Founding a business as an elevator manufacturing company, we came to manufacture belt-type elevator manufacturing company., we came to manufacture belt-type elevator first among domestic small & medium companies through contimuous research and development of elevator parts and launched parts and elevators with new technologies adopted in the specialized elevator exhibitions in Korea and foreign countries.

The technical power of STAR LIFT INC. may be verified by IOS 9001 and 14001 certificaties, KC certificate and K-Mark certificate which are necessary for eleca-tordoor devices, 2 patents, 2utility models and 1 design registration and so on. With htose technical power STAR LIFT INC. has been entering more than 10 overseas countries, including Mongolia and Southeastern countries such as THailand and Bangladesh, and even countries in the Middle East.

STAR LIFT INC. which is leading elevator industry by continuous development of new technologies has been equipped with the systems to produce various kinds of elevators such as elevator door devices, padssenger, freight, car and home elevator, etc. Now, you may see an elevator, which you may be satisfied with, in STAR LIFT INC. Thank you.


Company History


  • 2015.05. Appointed as export capability enforcement business of high growth enterprise(Small and medium Business Corporation)
  • 2015.02. Became a member of Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
  • 2014.12. Excellent Small & Medium Company from job seekers (Appointed by Small & Medium Business Administration)
  • 2014.10. Took part in International Lift Expo Korea 2014
  • 2014.05. Took part in The World Elevator & Escalator Expo 2014 in China
  • 2014.01. Registered Design : Hanger plate for elevator landing door
  • 2014.01. Registered Patent : Elevator with separation control system
  • 2014.01. Registered Patent : Multi stages door device for elevator
  • 2013.11. Obtained KC Certificate (Door locking device) : New elevator code applied.
  • 2013.10. Took part in INTERLIFT 2013 in Germany
  • 2013.06. Moved and built head office and factory newly in Geochang elevator valley
  • 2013.05. Appointed as INNO-BIZ (Innovational Business) Company
  • 2013.04. Established STAR LIFT INC. R&D Center (By Korea industrial technology promotion association)
  • 2012.12. Appointed as Promising Small & Medium Company (By Gyeonggi-Do)
  • 2012.02. Approved substitute inspection standard for special elevator structure(By Ministry of government administration and home affairs)

~ 2010

  • 2010.01. Obtained K mark Certificate (Door opening & closing device)
  • 2010.02. Obtained KC Certificate (Door locking device)
  • 2010.03. Obtained ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
  • 2009.10. Registered as the Elevator maintenance business
  • 2009.08. Registered as the Construction industry (Elevator installation business)
  • 2009.07. Registered as the direct production manufacturer
  • 2009.06. Obtained ISO 9001:2009 Certificate
  • 2009.04. Made an agreement for educational-Industrial cooperation (Korea Lift College)
  • 2009.02. Registered Utility Model (Elevator door with locking device)
  • 2008.10. Developed Pendulum test device (Maximum door size : 4M) : ktl cooperative tester
  • 2008.12. Registered Utility Model (Outdoor elevator which is installed solar cell array)
  • 2007.11. Founded STAR LIFT INC. (at Balan industrial complex in Hwaseong)


Main Business


  • Passenger Elevator
  • Hospital Elevator
  • Observation Elevator
  • Freight Elevator
  • Car Elevator

Door Device

  • Car door Operator
  • Landing door header case

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